Old Man Banksia (Banksia Serrata)

Banksia Serrata, commonly referred to as Old Man Banksia was an existing treasure that we eagerly adopted when our garden designers took on the Sandringham project. Remaining untouched, unlike the surrounding trees that were stifling its potential, this beauty was always intended as a vital player in this Melbourne garden design.
A small to medium sized tree that is native to the east coast of Australia, it grows predominantly from Victoria to Queensland and in parts of Tasmania and Flinders Island.
Growing up to 15 metres high, the Banksia Serrata is easily recognisable with its signature gnarled and misshapen trunk. The bark is cork like and its leaves are leathery and serrated. Showcasing creamy yellow to brown flowers in summer, the flowers are followed by interesting pods.
Best in sandy soils, the drought tolerant Banksia Serrata thrives in coastal gardens amongst the salty winds.
A great plant for attracting nectar loving birds and wildlife, black cockatoos also find feeding on the developing cones hard to resist.
Certainly a focal point at our Sandringham project and would be in any garden design for that matter. Definitely one to consider.
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