Letterbox Envy – On Our Wish List

For those who think a letterbox is merely just an object to collect bills, think again. And for those struggling to find a decent looking letterbox, look no further.
The designers at Robert Plumb have developed a range of statement pieces to please even the most discerning postman. Clean, modern and minimalistic, their designs demand attention in a quietly confident manner. Taking their influence from Australian bushrangers, the range includes the Dan Kelly, Glenrowan and Joe Byrne among others.
Robert Plumb Letterbox. Wish List for Ian Barker Gardens. Mrs Kelly Free-standing letterbox.
Our favourite is the Mrs Kelly Free-Standing letterbox. This stunning freestanding has been constructed from marine grade stainless steel and would sit gracefully in any front garden design.
Looking for the missing piece to pull your front garden design together? This letterbox could be just the thing.