Job of the Month – Deepdene Project

The New Year is always exciting, none more so than 2017 at Ian Barker Gardens. We kick off the year with a bang having just broken ground on our Deepdene Project. This historical one acre property was built back in the 1860’s, and is listed on the National Trust. We were commissioned by our clients to design and construct a front and rear garden that would enhance the grand character of their heritage home – preserving and restoring as much of the original charm as possible, whilst giving the owners a space to relax and entertain. Our wonderful clients are complete garden lovers – their garden is their absolute passion and pride.

Breaking ground on our Deepdene Project

The old extension being demolished, paving the way for an ultra modern extension. A glass atrium is planned to allow for easy transition from the original to the modern – perfectly contrasting the old with the new. 

For the front garden, a large sweeping lawn will be edged with vast garden beds filled with an array of perennials and grasses, all offset by original Pin Oaks. Our plan is to pay homage to the early garden designer, believed (however we cannot verify) to be William Guilfoyle, designer of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. We will reinterpret the old world style in a modernistic way. 

Deepdene Project. Front garden perspective. Designed by Ian Barker Gardens.

Front Garden. Designed by Ian Barker Gardens.

This garden is proudly home to a nationally registered 135+ year old English Cork tree. We were quick off the mark to ensure this precious gem along with all existing trees be securely protected during all stages of construction. We’re even going to the length of x-raying the ground before any excavation to ensure we have a clear plan of all root systems. Our aim to preserve as much of the original charm as possible will also see us restore the original rose arbors and other existing sculptures back to their glory days.

Deepdene Project by Ian Barker Gardens. 135 plus yr old tree - on the national register

135+ year old English Cork tree, listed on the National Register.

The planting palette for this entire garden will consist of plants in tones of purples, blues, pinks and reds. These plants were specifically chosen to provide stunning colour and texture throughout the seasons, providing our clients with a beautiful space in which to relax and enjoy nature at its best.

The rear garden’s emphasis is on entertaining. We will be using a very similar planting theory to the front garden, interpreting traditional old world style in a more modernistic way, to allow a seamless flow from old to new. An Evergreen Prunus hedge, Prunus Lusitanica, will be the backdrop to layering of Hornbeam hedging, Pleached Carpinus Betulus, and an array of perennials. A bench seat clad in ceramic tiles will be a talking point of this seating area, whilst a tranquil pond surrounded by topiary will be introduced to add to the overall feel of calmness and relaxation.


Rear Garden – Designed by Ian Barker Gardens

Completion of our Deepdene Project is expected mid 2018 to early 2019.

We look forward to keeping you updated on this incredibly special project along the way, so stay tuned…In the meantime, scroll down for more breaking ground images.


Breaking ground on our Deepdene project

Breaking ground

Breaking ground