Watching the Pack

Failte Irish Garden, Cork City Council by Diarmuid Gavin.
Failte Irish Garden, Cork City Council by Diarmuid Gavin.

It has been a big couple of days from all the show garden teams but it has meant that we can start to get an idea of what they are all going to look like, which is very exciting. Two gardens in my mind are starting to head to the front of the field. This is in no way being negative towards our own garden – I love to play this game every year because I know that what you think today can easily (and does often) change tomorrow.

Again, I’m watching closely the Failte Ireland, Cork City Council garden designed by Diarmuid Gavin and it is the clear winner so far. The concept behind the garden is literally out of this world – a floating garden is suspended from a 200 tonne crane, hanging above a garden on the ground with mounds based on sand dunes and reflective circular pools. Gavin has said he wanted to create a ‘launch pad’ for the garden with hints of what’s above. Apparently the floating garden will lift up and down every hour on the hour – incredible stuff.

For all you tech-heads out there, the RHS has launched an iPhone app, and they are taking photos of all the show gardens daily. This is a fun way of following the build of all the gardens at Chelsea this year.

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