Panicum virgatum ‘Autumn Glory’ – Prairie Switchgrass

Panicum virgatum ‘Autumn Glory’ is a deciduous ornamental grass that features heavily in our Buxton landscape design for its natural, minimalistic qualities.
Growing well in large pots or as an ornamental border, its subtle, graceful foliage turns from green to a deep red in autumn. Commonly referred to as Prairie Switchgrass, it is frost hardy, loves full sun and requires a well-drained position in the garden. It copes well with our dry summer conditions with some irrigation. Reaching around 1m it will spread to form a tight clump. Simply cut off old foliage to ‘tidy up’. Larger clumps can be divided in late winter to early spring.
With its striking simplicity (not to mention calming fluidity in a breeze), this plant is certainly high on our list for contemporary garden designs in Melbourne.
Landscaping design by Ian Barker Gardens