Viburnum plicatum

Viburnum plicatum, also known as Doublefile Viburnum or Japanese Snowball, is renowned for its horizontal branching, creating a distinctive layered effect. The leaves are ovate with a beautiful hue of dark green. In spring, usually around October, it produces large, elegant, white lace cap flower clusters, which are an absolute show-stopper. Once flowering has finished, it produces small, red berries that mature into black shades. The foliage turns a reddish-purple in Autumn, contributing to its multi-seasonal appeal.

Viburnum plicatum in a Camberwell garden

Landscape uses

Viburnum plicatum is the perfect feature plant. It works well as a focal point in a mixed garden bed or border or when mass-planted and used for screening. The flowers are also great for attracting bees, butterflies and birds.

Viburnum plicatum flowers

How to plant

Plant in full sun (avoiding the hot afternoon sun) to partial shade for optimal growth. Most soil types will work well, but Viburnum plicatum loves well-drained, loamy to sandy soil. You can expect this plant to grow to approx. 3m high with a 4m spread. When planting, we recommend spacing spots 3m – 4m apart.

Viburnum plicatum

Care and maintenance

After flowering, we recommend pruning to maintain its shape and remove any dead or damaged branches. Avoid heavy pruning, as it can reduce next year’s bloom production. We recommend watering deeply during dry spells but be careful of overwatering as this can lead to root rot. Once established, it has a mild drought tolerance but prefers its soil to be moist.

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