Trace Planter by Tait

The Trace Planter by Tait is a luxury outdoor planter box designed by Adam Goodrum. This stunning planter was created to bring wellbeing and functionality to outdoor design, offering flexibility via space partitioning, anchoring settings as well as introducing a lively wall of greenery.

Tait Trace Planter

Trace’s signature tubular framework and marine-grade stainless steel webbing act as a trellis to support and frame climbing plants and espalier varietals.

Characterised by a dynamic interplay of materials, trademark detailing and lavish proportions, the Trace collection explores texture, colour and form. Goodrum’s fascination with generous form, woven detail and material continuity reveals itself throughout the collection.

The Trace Collection is esteemed by architects and designers alike for its ability to speak to a wide range of residential and commercial contexts, as well as the assurance of quality craftsmanship and longevity.

Fabricated and assembled with expert craftsmanship, employing aluminium, stainless steel mesh, sustainable timbers and marbled porcelain materials, Trace’s enduring beauty is matched by its resilience.

About The Designer

Adam Goodrum is world-renowned for his design innovation and distinct Australian aesthetic. Focusing on furniture, product, and interior design, Goodrum delivers progressively original, intelligent and award-winning collections, highly regarded for commercial and retail applications. Working with Tait, Goodrum has designed the iconic Volley collection, Trace collection and Element fire pit.

Tait Trace Planter

The Trace Planter by Tait is available in 15 colours. To purchase or find out more about it, head to Tait’s website.

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