Top 5 Autumn Gardening Tips

As the leaves begin to fall and the air cools, it’s time to pop on a jacket and hop into the garden. During the autumn months, the lower temperatures and blue skies make it ideal for pruning, planting and fertilising. Not only is this an enjoyable way to pass the time, but it also helps to both protect your garden during winter and prepare it to flourish in spring. To inspire your gardening to-do list, we’ve listed our top 5 gardening projects that you can do this autumn to set your garden up for success!

1. Clean the garden

Get your garden tools out because it’s time to give your garden a well-deserved post-summer clean! Pruning, raking, sweeping, clipping back, and ripping out old plants will tidy your garden and allow for new additions to grow and develop. Plus, giving your garden a hearty clean will ensure that you have plenty of scraps to add to your compost.

2. Add mulch

Nothing keeps plants happier than healthy soil –and mulch is the secret ingredient! Mulch helps to keep the moisture in and weeds out. As the months’ pass, the mulch will break down into your soil, providing essential nutrients that will allow your plants to thrive. If you’ve got a day free this weekend, organise delivery from your local nursery and get cracking.

3. Feed your lawn

Apply a slow-release fertiliser to your lawn to help protect and keep them green throughout the year. This is especially important for your lawn as it braces for winter. Ideally, you should fertilise your lawn twice a year – in autumn and again in spring.

Camberwell lawn

4. Plant fruit trees and bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time to plant fruit trees and flowering bulbs if you’re hoping to see growth come spring. As mentioned earlier, in autumn, the air is cooler, yet the soil still retains warmth which creates an optimal growing environment for new plants. So, if you’ve always wanted a lemon tree – now is the time to plant one.

5. Create a veggie garden

If homemade vegetable soup and warm crusty bread floats your boat on a cold winter’s day, then now is the perfect time to create your winter vegetable garden. Vegetables such as beetroot, kale, baby leaf spinach, spring onion and cauliflower grow well throughout the autumn months – ensuring that you’ll have a great harvest come June! Make sure you are regularly fertilising your vegetables for optimal results.

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