Seed & Sprout: Indoor compost bin

If you’ve been thinking about composting at home, then the Seed & Sprout compost bin is a must!
This bin has been designed to collect your food scraps, neutralise odours and look great on your benchtop too.
This compost bin can sit on your benchtop because there is a charcoal filter located on the underside of the bin lid. This neutralises odours keeping the smells inside your bin and not wafting around your home! The sleek off-white finish of the bin is also the perfect colour to fit in with any home decor. They’ve even created 8L compostable bin liners to keep everything neat and tidy.
The filter and bin can both be cleaned with warm, soapy water.
Once you’ve collected your scraps, you can add them to your outdoor compost bin or pile (click here to learn how you can create your own), or if your council collects organic food waste, you can add this to the green bin.
To learn more about this compost bin or to purchase, click here.
Seed & Sprout Compost Bin      Seed & Sprout Compost Bin