Pittosporum tobira ‘Miss Muffet’

Pittosporum tobira ‘Miss Muffet’ is a dwarf variety of Pittosporum with strong, dark glossy green oval leaves. In spring, you can expect to be greeted with blooms of small cream flowers, providing a beautiful fragrance to the garden. It is a favourite amongst the team at Ian Barker Gardens – it would be rare to find one of our landscape designs without one.

Pittosporum tobira 'Miss Muffet'

How to Use

Pittosporum tobira ‘Miss Muffet’ is great planted in borders, pots, used as a hedge and mass groundcover. We often like to clump Miss Muffet with other plants to provide texture and interest in the garden. You can see how we used it in our Elsternwick project here.

How to Plant

Plant in full sun or part shade and rich, well-drained soil. It’ll thrive best in a sheltered position but will be able to withstand light coastal breezes and frosts. It can suffer from leaf burn during hot summer days, so a spot in light dappled shade will provide the best results. It has a low and wide growth habit, so you can expect Pittosporum tobira to grow to approx. 1.5m wide and 1m high.

Pittosporum tobira 'Miss Muffet'

Care and Maintenance

Pittosporum tobira ‘Miss Muffet’ requires minimal maintenance. You should lightly prune it regularly in the warmer months to maintain its shape and size. Ensure that you allow the soil to dry out between waterings. The shrub will benefit from a slow-release fertiliser in autumn and spring. Once established, Miss Muffet is drought and light first tolerant.