Mano Bricks by Eco Outdoor

Eco Outdoor, a pioneer in premium outdoor design solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Mano Brick Range. This remarkable collection of handcrafted bricks enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces and embodies the company’s commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. The Mano Brick Range offers a selection of distinct brick types, each designed to cater to various architectural styles and preferences.

Mano Bricks by Eco Outdoor

Hand Pressed Cotto

These bricks are crafted to honour the intricate artistry inherent in the traditional building material. Each brick is meticulously fashioned from natural clay and minerals, creating a tactile masterpiece. The uniqueness of these bricks is enhanced by the incorporation of artisanal firing methods, a skill that has been perfected by our Italian manufacturer over centuries, dating back to the 17th century. This approach creates enchanting variations in organic hues, adding to the allure of each piece.

Mano Bricks by Eco Outdoor: Hand Pressed Cotto

Hand Pressed Stone

Stone is where it started for Eco Outdoor, and with this range, they’re taking it to the next chapter. Available in three formats (Full, Face and Corner) in their signature elongated shape, the hand-finished Mano Stone Bricks feature natural stone’s organic colour variations and textural imperfections. With all the raw material’s sturdiness and the format’s flexibility, the Mano Stone Bricks invite you to reconsider what bricks can be and go where your imagination wanders.

Mano Bricks by Eco Outdoor: Hand Pressed Stone

Hand Cast Glass by Tom Fereday Range

It’s safe to say the team at Ian Barker Gardens is mesmerised by this collection. Created in collaboration with Tom Fereday, a product and furniture design studio, each brick is made of 70% recycled glass and 30% quartz sand. The bricks are then individually cast by hand, resulting in raw, uniquely textured organic surfaces. The glass bricks open up the possibilities of what a wall can be, inviting in natural light while offering a pared-back aesthetic that makes a statement.

Mano Bricks by Eco Outdoor: Hand Cast Glass

Visit Eco Outdoor’s website today for more information on the Mano Brick Range and how it can enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Note: All images have been sourced from Eco Outdoor.