Corymbia citriodora ‘scentuous’ – Dwarf Lemon Scented Gum

Corymbia citriodora ‘scentuous’, also known as Dwarf Lemon Scented Gum, is an Australian native tree commonly found in coastal areas. This tree is best known for its attractive smelling foliage, which, as its name suggests, smells like lemon.


Dwarf Lemon Scented Gum thrives best in coastal gardens which have a sub-tropical or warm temperate.


Corymbia citriodora consists of a smooth white-pink trunk, evergreen foliage and cream flowers. This gum attracts a range of wildlife, including bees, nectar-eating birds, butterflies and other insects.  Bees and nectar-eating birds are especially attracted to the tree as it produces honey. The refined oils from the leaves can also be used as an insect repellent. Other uses for the gum include screening.
Corymbia citriodora

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Corymbia citriodora

Source: Mallee Design


This tree will thrive best in full sun and well-drained soil. As it’s native to coastal areas it will tolerate dry soil. Dwarf varieties are expected to grow anywhere between 6 – 8 metres high. You can expect your Corymbia citriodora to reach maturity in 10 years.


Corymbia citriodora will only tolerate a light frost (which is why it’s ideal for coastal regions), and it must be protected from this when young. Mulch the area surrounding the tree to suppress weed development and promote soil moisture.
Corymbia citriodora

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