Château de Purnon x Ian Barker Gardens

Ian Barker Gardens is beyond excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Château de Purnon and will be designing the gardens in conjunction with heritage teams for this historic estate.

Château de Purnon

Château de Purnon is a 23-hectare estate situated just south of the Loire Valley on the edge of the Forest of Scévolles. Purnon was constructed between 1772 and 1791 for Antoine-Charles Achard, Marquis de la Haye. The château is built in a classic French style and flanked by two enormous outbuildings made in Tuffeau stone and ochre plaster with remarkable charpente. In 1893, the château was purchased by the Marquis de Rochequairie, whose family sold it to its current owners – Felicity and Tim, in 2020.

Ian Barker and Tim Holding at Château de Purnon

Felicity and Tim, who are from Melbourne, have begun the immense task of restoring Château de Purnon to its former glory. After more than a century of neglect, the Château has a long road ahead, with several emergency works already taking place. You can read more about Château de Purnon here or donate to assist with the restoration works.

Tim and Felicity

We feel so fortunate to be a small part of this restoration journey and look forward to working with Felicity and Tim in the future.