We’re in our ‘Element’ with this fire pit

Sitting by a cosy fire is the perfect way to maximise time outdoors. So the team at Ian Barker Gardens was both delighted and excited when they recently stumbled across this compact fire pit – one that will not only keep away the chill but will look stunning in the process and suit an array of garden design styles.
Element is an architectural-inspired fire pit designed by Adam Goodrum from Tait. Constructed from three interlocking blades of cantilevered mild steel, Element’s clean profile has resulted in a sculptural icon to enhance any outdoor space and landscape design. Its fierce architectural structure is a brilliant contrast with the restlessness of fire and flame and stands strong even when not in use.
Ian Barker Gardens. Garden Notebook Edition 6 - fire pit
Element showcases a striking black matte finish owing to a coating of Black Oxide. Exposed to direct fire, Element will continually mature and its coating weather with age, delivering a unique rusted finish. Clever and functional, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure generated heat is kept away from ground surfaces. It can even be easily disassembled for transport and compact storage.
Ian Barker Gardens. Garden Notebook Edition 6 - fire pit
To see what all the heat is about click here. Certainly a worthy addition to your outdoor area or garden design.