Tommaso del Buono and Paul Gazerwitz – International Garden Designers

London Landscape Architecture firm del Buono Gazerwitz is the brainchild of design duo Florentine Tommaso del Buono and American Paul Gazerwitz. Bought to our attention at the Chelsea Flower Show, they are designers that we continue to watch with keen interest.
Their signature style is very structured and architectural without being overly rigid. That said, there is a definite underlying horticultural aspect to their garden designs which are thought to be influenced by the opportunities of the forgiving British climate and passionate culture of plantsmanship. Traditionally English in tone, their planting usually involves Roses, Verbascum, Hostas and Foxgloves.

One of del Buono Gazerwitz’s most recognised pieces of work is a garden design in Holland Park. The key to this formal, minimalistic design is scale, emphasising the size of key elements – and it is this ‘upsizing’ that accentuates its effortless, simplistic feel.

“The trick was to use almost oversized or out-of-scale plants in the relatively small space,” says del Buono. “We started by selecting the plants – mature Boxwood topiaries, Hornbeams and evergreen Oaks. We went to nurseries in Belgium, Holland and Germany in search of the right specimens.”

A sleek Portuguese limestone terrace and perfect lawn is balanced by a simple stone pavilion and the confident forms of the topiary. Flanking lines of pleached Hornbeam trees create a different texture and seasonal variety, while a single Magnolia creates a splash of pink in spring.

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