Swing into Spring!

Spring is upon us again! Get ready for some glorious sunshine filled days and the familiar scent of flowers carried in the warm breeze. That tangible feeling of the seasons shifting has once again begun, with the emergence of gorgeous spring bulbs from the earth, the spectacular blossoming of flowers and the uplifting warmer weather we’ve been experiencing over the last week.
With the gardens of Melbourne about to burst into full bloom, why not take advantage of this growing season and think about getting your garden into shape? Our dedicated and talented garden maintenance team is here to help!
Our new Maintenance Manager Joe Berlangieri and his team have perfected the balance between systemized, regular maintenance routines, with tender loving care and attention to detail for each and every growing thing in your garden (except the weeds!)
If your garden is need of our expert attention, please don’t hesitate to call Joe on 0413 334 337 for a free onsite evaluation.
Succulent bowl in a garden maintained by Ian Barker Gardens in Camberwell 
Blossoms emerging from a Forest Pansy tree in an Ian Barker Garden in Balwyn