Star Jasmine – Trachelospermum Asiaticum

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) was an obvious choice for us when working on our Connecticut garden design project – it not only looks beautiful in any environment but the fragrance it brings to a garden is second to none.
The versatility of Star Jasmine makes it an un-killable winner – ground cover, climber, spreading bush or indoor plant. This popular plant is woody with dark oval-shaped green leaves which turn bronze in winter. From early summer through autumn, an abundance of pure white sweetly aromatic flowers are produced, adding colour and fragrance to a garden. The sweetly scented star-like flowers along with the gorgeous glossy foliage are its big drawcard.
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                               Image above courtesy of Google
Perfect for covering fences or pergolas and ideal as an informal lawn replacement, Star Jasmine looks beautiful in a variety of outdoor settings as well as indoors as a container plant. It can also be easily trained to climb a trellis, giving a softening effect to walls. A favourite of landscape gardeners in Melbourne as well as from all around the world, it is equally at home in traditional English gardens as it is in formal Chinese gardens – just another reason we chose to use it on the other side of the globe!
Rapidly growing in all climates, Star Jasmine flourishes in both sunny and shaded positions. After it has established it develops mild drought tolerance, making it perfect for locations with frequent drier periods. Requiring a moderate amount of watering, its maintenance is limited to semi-regular pruning to maintain a neat appearance – especially if climbing.
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