Stachys byzantina

Stachys byzantina, also known as Lamb’s Ears, is an evergreen perennial with velvety, silvery tongue-shaped leaves. They provide a beautiful touch of interest and texture to garden beds and borders. In late spring and early summer, pink-purple flower spikes emerge – these are fuzzy in texture and provide further interest. Stachys have a low spreading habit and eventuate into compact mounds.

Stachys byzantina at our Camberwell Soldiers project

Landscape uses

Stachys are a great addition to many garden spaces. We like mass planting them in garden beds, as a ground cover and as an accent in a garden border. They are great for softening edges, and the silvery foliage will work well with hot or cool-coloured flowers. In our Camberwell Soldiers project, we mass planted Stachys byzantina in the front and rear gardens alongside Liriope ‘Just Right’ and Rhaphiolepis ‘Cosmic White’. They are also great for attracting wildlife, such as bees and butterflies.

Stachys byzantina at our Camberwell Soldiers project

How to plant

Plant in full sun or light shade – full sun will produce better blooms. The soil should be well-drained, and Stachys byzantina will tolerate most soil conditions, including poor soil. You can expect Stachys to grow to approx. 20cm high and 90cm wide. When they’re in bloom, they can reach heights of 45cm. We recommend planting pots 45cm – 60cm apart.

Stachys byzantina flower spike

Care and maintenance

Stachys byzantina are a dream for the low-maintenance gardener. You can cut off the flowers to promote foliage growth, encouraging quicker growth. You should remove damaged leaves as they arise to promote neat planting. We recommend diving Stachys every 2 – 4 years. Once established, they are drought-tolerant.