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Landscape Design

The in-house design team at Ian Barker Garden Design will work with you to create a tailored landscape design that’s as individual as you. We pride ourselves on producing a design that not only fulfils your brief but meets your functional and lifestyle needs, as well as compliments and enhances the architecture of your property. This process allows us to produce a strikingly beautiful garden, that is a true reflection of you and your family.

All designs from the smallest light well or courtyard, through to the largest of rural properties are enthusiastically embraced by our landscape designers. Our talented and experienced team will tackle even the most challenging projects head on.

The design process:

  • An onsite consultation with one of our designers to:
    • Discuss your brief
    • Assess your space
    • Advise on potential design and construction options

    (Please note a consultation fee will be charged)

  • A design fee proposal will be produced
  • Once happy to commence your garden journey with us, the team will explore a number of hand sketched alternatives
  • A fully scaled concept plan that identifies plant selection, colour palettes and materials choices will be produced for your feedback and converted into your final completed masterplan
What do you design?2018-10-18T20:13:11+11:00

We produce comprehensive designs that include all elements within your garden concept. This could include pools, pavilions, entertainment areas, pergolas, retaining walls, paving, planting, lawns and fencing. We can provide recommendations of all materials and colour palettes, including pool tiles.

We specialise in single dwelling residential gardens however our design portfolio includes a range of residential, rural and commercial projects. Click here to view examples of our work

How can I get a design?2018-10-18T20:13:49+11:00

Our design process involves three stages, the initial consultation, development of your concept and finalising the design. Throughout the whole process our expert design team will provide high-level advice on layout, materials, plants and your budget. Click here to submit an enquiry.

What is involved in the initial consultation?2020-11-16T15:53:33+11:00

Our design manager, Daniel or director, Ian will meet with you on site to discuss your goals, ideas and requirements specific to your garden. This will take between 0.75 – 1.5 hours. We use this time to get to know you, your family and how you would like to use the space. Our aim is to give you an idea of the possibilities for your garden. These ideas become the basis for your concept development.  The fee for on-site consultations is $400 incl. GST for properties within an hour of Melbourne CBD, however given the current health situation, we are offering on-line consultations via Zoom and Skype for $250 incl. GST. After your consultation the team will send a design fee proposal for your consideration. This will outline the costs for producing your garden concept including sketches and masterplan, this does not include any construction costs. Please discuss your property with a member of our design team to book in your consultation.

My property is located outside the Melbourne CBD/in another country, can I still get a design?2018-10-18T20:14:25+11:00

Yes, you can. We have designed numerous gardens all over Australia as well as gardens overseas including; the US, UK and Polynesian Islands. Our director, Ian travels regularly so may be able to include a visit to your property in his travel plans. Alternatively, there is the possibility of an online consultation. Please contact our design team to discuss the options for your consultation.

My house hasn’t been built yet, can I still have a design created?2018-10-18T20:14:43+11:00

Yes, we would recommend beginning the design and planning of your landscape as early as you can to incorporate indoor/outdoor spaces with your architect or building designer. Your design consultation will be scheduled at our offices and we would require that you bring your house plans with you.

What is involved in developing the concepts?2018-10-18T20:14:59+11:00

Upon acceptance of the design fee proposal, our team will conduct a full site analysis. This will include taking measurements and photographs of your site. Our team will then begin exploring the options for your design. We will then present to you the design concept that we feel best meets your needs and brief in the form of a concept plan for your feedback.

What is involved in producing the final design?2018-11-21T07:31:03+11:00

At this stage your concept plan is refined to reflect your feedback and the final masterplan is produced. This will include the scaled drawings highlighting plants and recommended materials.

How long does a design take?2018-10-18T20:15:36+11:00

The whole process from acceptance of the design quote to receiving your final plans is generally between 8-10 weeks, depending on the current workload of the team. This may also be affected by any feedback that is required from councils and clients, or holiday periods (public holidays and Christmas break).

I only have a small space, can I still have a design created?2018-10-18T20:15:53+11:00

Yes. We have experience in spaces of all sizes from apartment balconies, to large acreages and everything in between. The smallest space we have designed is 1m x 5m!

What is the cost of a design?2019-04-16T18:21:03+10:00

No two design quotes are the same. The design fee is based on your individual requirements and will vary depending on the size of your property, any slopes on the site, the complexity of the design elements chosen and the amount of time needed to draw your masterplan. Your initial consultation will allow us to determine the scope of your design and to provide a fee proposal.

Who creates my design?2018-10-18T20:16:42+11:00

Our designs are created collaboratively. Lead by the design manager, Daniel and Ian, the whole team is engaged in creating your concepts and drawing your plans. Click here to learn more about the members of our team. 

I have my masterplan, what is the next step?2018-10-18T20:16:58+11:00

Once your design plan is finalised we will send you three printed copies of your plan. You are welcome to take these to any construction company to quote. You could also request a quote from our construction team, Ian Barker Landscapes, or, if our construction team is unavailable we have contractors in most areas including overseas.

Do I need to get construction drawings?2018-10-18T20:17:15+11:00

Some unique or complex elements, such as pergolas, feature walls, ponds and pools, may require detailed construction drawings or may be requested by a landscape builder. If construction drawings are required they are charged at an hourly rate and are not included in your design fee. The team will be able to provide an estimate of the hours required to create construction details once your masterplan has been finalised. Please note it is impossible to state which elements will require construction details until a design is produced.

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