Royal Frost Birch

Loved for the dappled shade they cast, birch trees are a popular player in garden designs in Melbourne.
A standout amongst mid-sized ornamental trees, Royal Frost is a true all seasons charmer. White barked with unique plum-purple foliage, the contrast is striking.
As versatile as it is beautiful, Royal Frost is an elegant tree either planted in groups or as single specimens. It can be used as a garden border, backed by a dark fence, brick or by evergreens to show off its creamy trunk year-round. They are a perfect source of dappled shade planted beside an outdoor entertaining area. Up-lighting directed at the chalky white bark adds extra evening drama and interest to a garden design.
A great drought tolerant choice with some protection, richest foliage colour is achieved in full sun, with leaves turning stunning orange and red in autumn. They are a moderate to fast grower, reaching 10 m in height and 5m in width.
Royal Frost Birches were the perfect choice for us when looking at plant options for the end of our Hawthorn East driveway landscape design – an ideal note to finish on after the grand reveal of the home.
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Landscape design with Royal Frost Birch