Pratia penductula – White Star Creeper

Pratia penductula, also known as White Star Creeper and Trailing Pratia, is one of our favourite ground covers! Pratia penductula is a fast-growing, evergreen and dainty ground cover that creates lush mats of foliage and has delicate white flowers. You can expect the flowers to bloom in spring and summer when the weather is warm.

Pratia penductula

How to use

Pratia penductula is great as a ground cover and can be planted in between stepping stones, alongside pavers and as a garden bed border. It can also be used as a lawn alternative, but we recommend planting in an area with light foot traffic only as heavy traffic will damage the plant and stunt its growth. It’s a great option for underplanting in pots and containers and also alongside pools.
We used it in between bluestone steppers and pavers at our Hawthorn project.
Pratia penductula

How to plant

Pratia penductula prefers a sunny to a partly shaded position. Ensure that it is planted in well-drained soil. You can expect it to grow like grass and in clumps – once its reached maturity, it will grow to approx—20 cm high and 1m wide.

Care and maintenance

Pratia penductula is a low-maintenance ground cover. As it’s incredibly fast-growing, keep an eye on it as it can become invasive if left to grow out of control. In summer, water well to ensure the soil stays moist. It can only tolerate light frost, so be mindful of this and whether it’s the best plant for your climate.
Pratia penductula