Poa labillardieri ‘Eskdale’

Poa labillardieri ‘Eskdale’, also known as Tussock Grass, is an Australian native grass with finely textured, needle-like, blue-green foliage. In summer, it flowers with feathery seed heads above the foliage, as pictured in our Hawthorn Rose project. Ornamental grasses can make a beautiful addition to any garden, and Poa is one of our favourite plants to use in our garden designs.

Poa labillardieri 'Eskdale'

Landscape uses

Poa ‘Eskdale’ is an ideal option for integrating a grassy element into your garden. Its upright arching form is perfect for softening hard surfaces such as paving. When mass planted, it creates a wild, windswept look in the garden. Our Hawthorn Rose project used Poa to flank a bluestone and filetti garden path.

Poa labillardieri 'Eskdale' in our Hawthorn Rose project

How to plant

Plant in part shade to full sun and well-drained soil. Poa ‘Eskdale’ is known as a cool-season grass and is ideal for particularly cold climates. You can expect Poa labillardieri ‘Eskdale’ to grow to approx. 50cm – 1m high and 40cm – 50cm wide.

Poa labillardieri 'Eskdale' flanking filetti stone

Care and maintenance

Poa labillardieri ‘Eskdale’ is a dream for low-maintenance gardeners. It can tolerate almost any soil type, is fast-growing, tolerates light frost and is drought tolerant once established. Cut back foliage during mid-Autumn to late Winter to 20-30cm high, fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser and water well to encourage new growth.