Philadelphus x virginalis – Double Mock-orange

What we see and feel when we’re in a garden is only half the equation; scent is just as vital to our overall experience. Known for its heavenly fragrance, Philadelphus x virginalis or Double Mock-orange is a vigorous, deciduous shrub with oval foliage and large clusters of charming, fluffy white flowers appearing in late spring and early summer.
Ideal as border shrubs or informal hedging, at around 3m in height x 1.5m, Philadelphus x virginalis has mid to apple green, serrated leaves, turning butter yellow before falling in autumn. Double Mock-orange makes a delicate cut flower, its semi-double flowers smelling sweetly of roses with citrus notes.
As an added bonus to their extraordinary scent, they are easy to grow and care for too. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions such as frost and drought, they prefer protected full sun to semi shade in moderately fertile to rich well drained soil. We recommend watering to establish and then keeping moist through summer and when in active growth.
A garden’s scent is certainly something we take into consideration when producing our garden designs. Double Mock-orange was an early selection for our Armadale garden design project and a plant we recommend time and time again. Add this beauty to your garden and it’s one that everyone will ask after as they wander through.
Double Mock-Orange featured by Ian Barker Gardens in Garden Notebook Edition 29