Modern hammocks by Lujo

When thinking of relaxation-inspired furniture for the outdoors, it doesn’t take long for an old favourite, the hammock, to spring to mind. And although the fundamentals remain the same (a lovely place to stop, lie back and smell the roses), design wise, they can now look as good as they make us feel. Lujo designs and creates a range of furniture with the sole purpose of allowing their customers to ‘put life on pause’ momentarily and bring a sense of holiday to their homes.
Carefully handcrafted in New Zealand, Lujo’s modern hammocks are built to endure, whilst continuing to look great, year after year. With a range of handy accessories like head pillows, attachable side pockets and Bluetooth speakers, these hammocks are sure to keep you both relaxed and enjoying the great outdoors for longer.
Ian Barker Gardens Garden Notebook edition 11 - Lujo hammock
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