MIFGS Update: Introducing….Handyman Steel

Doorway for the Ian Barker Gardens designed 'Cross Roads' made by Handyman Steel for the 2015 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.
Doorway Detail

Those of you who have read our design brief will know that our MIFGS garden this year has been designed to reflect our design journey.

“As we wander through the meadow leading up to the doorway, we arrive at a cross roads. Do we choose to exit via the safe route and the path well worn? Or do we take a chance and produce a garden we genuinely love, despite not knowing all there is to know.

As we push forward through the doorway into a world of plants, we take pride in the fact that we have followed our passion and created a garden that’s sole purpose is to showcase just how beautiful plants can truly be”.

Today we would like to shine the spotlight on the wonderful team at Handyman Steel, who are in the process of making the abovementioned doorway that will take visitors through from the meadow into our ‘world of plants’.
Made from Steel, the doorway has been designed to appear differently depending on which side you are viewing it from. From the meadow side of the garden the doorway appears thin and light, to reflect the airy and open nature of the meadow planting.
Once visitors step through the doorway, the height angles downwards and the space becomes darker and more enclosed to emphasize the transition to the shaded woodland garden filled with lush planting. From this side, the doorway appears angled and much chunkier.
The doorway will be finished with a dark metallic charcoal grey paint, and will be a beautiful focal point in the garden, injecting an interesting sculptural element.
Our sincere thanks to the team at Handyman Steel for all their hard work! We can’t wait to see the doorway go into the garden in a couple of weeks time!

Ian Barker Gardens Landscape Construction Manager Steve Lowe with Heinie from Handyman Steel next to the steel doorway built for the 2015 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show garden 'Cross Roads'.
Ian Barker Gardens Landscape Construction manager Steve Lowe with Heinie from Handyman Steel.

Handyman Steel are proud supporters of Ian Barker Gardens at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.
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The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show runs from Wednesday 25th – Sunday 29th March at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, from 9am – 5pm each day. See you at the show!