MIFGS Update: Doorway is Craned In

Yesterday was a brilliant first day for the construction of our garden ‘Cross Roads’ presented by Australian House & Garden at MIFGS. We were very pleased to be running ahead of schedule and we even managed to have our doorway (made by Handyman Steel) craned in to place. The doorway will take visitors from the meadow through to our ‘world of plants’.
As you may have read in a previous post, the doorway has been designed to appear differently depending on which side you are viewing it from. From the meadow side of the garden the doorway appears thin and light, to reflect the airy and open nature of the meadow planting. Once visitors step through the doorway, the height angles downwards and the space becomes darker and more enclosed to emphasize the transition to the shaded woodland garden filled with lush planting. From this side, the doorway appears angled and much chunkier.
The doorway will be finished with a dark metallic charcoal grey paint, and will be a beautiful focal point in the garden, injecting an interesting sculptural element.
Scroll down to see photos of the doorway being craned in yesterday…..
1 The steel doorway for Ian Barker Gardens MIFGS showgarden Cross Roads about to be lifted into place with the crane
2 The crane lifting the custom designed steel doorway from Handyman Steel into place for Ian Barkers MIFGS garden
Ian Barker Garden Designs custom made steel doorway is being craned into place at 2015 MIFGS
The doorway for Ian Barkers Cross Roads is guided into place at MIFGS
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