MIFGS 2016 Update: Construction Day 9…

Bethany WilliamsonDay 9 is just about to get underway and I have been up since 5:00am worrying about what we need to do next and what have we missed.  I was speaking with a few of the other designers and it was interesting that it wasn’t just me, they all go through the same process. I then asked our project manager Steve Lowe and he was the same. His words were “absolutely, wake in a cold sweat screaming, check the levels”.  So for today’s post I want to highlight the people that make a garden like this possible.  For the record everyone of these people are giving up something to be here and for that I am exceptionally grateful. Lynne McCarthyMike Antique Perenials 

Steve Lowe on the right with Erik Holt. He still looks ok after 8 days.

Steve Lowe -Project ManagerErik Holt

Paul Hamilton

Jason and Ned

They work in the rain, they have been working in 38+ degree temperatures and they have worked late into the night but they still smile and the workmanship is wonderful to watch.

In the rain at MIFGS



MIFGS 2016 Reflections Team

Couldn’t be more proud!







MIFGS 2016 Proud Partners

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The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show runs from Wednesday 16th – Sunday 20th March at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, from 9am – 5pm each day. See you at the show.