Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’

The perfect plant for our Surrey Hills landscape design project, Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’, was chosen by our Melbourne landscaping team for its modern aesthetics and hardy qualities. Producing lush lime green, grassy foliage in a compact form and staying green all year round, this virtually no-maintenance plant certainly makes an impact in any garden design.
Up to the challenge of handling any position where it’s needed, this versatile native selection grows well in full sun and part shade, coping well with dry conditions, heat and frost. It’s an excellent choice for mass planting, dotted amongst other lants for a contrast colour, as understorey planting or in a pot to green up a patio. ‘Lime Tuff’ is a fast grower, reaching up to 50cm in height and width. Small fragrant yellow spikes emerge in summer.
A versatile choice for general garden landscaping its certainly also a statement plant we’d recommend for a contemporary garden design.
Lomandra used in Surrey Hills garden design project by Ian Barker Gardens
Garden design by Ian Barker Gardens