Lightscape 2023

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is set to transform into a captivating wonderland of lights and botanical beauty with its highly anticipated winter event return, Lightscape.

Lightscape at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting realm of nature, Lightscape promises visitors a mesmerising experience like no other. From illuminated pathways to vibrant projections, this event offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of art, technology, and the natural world.

Lightscape takes visitors on a journey through the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, guiding them along ethereal paths adorned with thousands of twinkling lights. The stunning displays are meticulously crafted to enhance the garden’s existing beauty, creating a harmonious symphony of light and nature. As night falls, the landscape transforms into a magical oasis, where radiant hues breathe new life into the serene surroundings.

Lightscape at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Visitors can wander through immersive installations that transport them into a whimsical dreamscape within the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Lightscape aims to engage visitors of all ages through interactive experiences and captivating entertainment. The event offers a range of activities, including illuminated trails, interactive light displays, and live performances. Visitors can partake in workshops, listen to live music or relax under the stars, immersing themselves in a world where nature and creativity intertwine.

Lightscape at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

The event runs between Friday, 16th June – Sunday, 6th August 2023. For more information or to book your tickets, click here to purchase directly from the Royal Botanic Gardens.