LEGO Botanical Collection

LEGO has launched the ultimate collection for plant lovers, and it’s safe to say we are obsessed in the Ian Barker Gardens office. The LEGO Botanical Collection was designed to create stunning displays that can be built with loved ones and kept forever.

The collection has seven botanical designs to choose from, each with its own secret meaning, including:

Wildflower/ Flower Bouquet

Representing love, adoration and celebration, a flower bouquet can be gifted for most occasions, making it a versatile gift option. The classic LEGO Flower Bouquet features roses, daisies and snapdragons, whereas the LEGO Wildflower Bouquet includes eight different species of wildflowers like lavenders, cow parsley and Welsh poppies. Lavender represents serenity, grace and calmness, so this bouquet was designed to be the perfect first set for adults who want to be introduced to the mindful, relaxing benefits of LEGO building.

LEGO Wildflower/ Flower Bouquet

Dried Flower Centerpiece

Dried flowers symbolise unconditional love and undying memories, making them perfect for giving thanks or letting someone know how much they mean to you. This LEGO set was created with social building in mind, so you can enjoy putting it together with another person, thanks to its split design.

LEGO Dried Flower Centerpiece


Flowers have their own language, and the delicate orchid is all about the language of love. Symbolising love, beauty and luxury, an orchid is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, anniversaries or weddings, and it makes a nice change from the classic go-to roses.

LEGO Orchid


Succulents represent strength, tenacity and positivity, making it an ideal gift to show your support. LEGO Botanicals succulents allow you to build and display various plants from the succulent family like cacti, agave and aloe (the latter symbolising beauty and good health).

LEGO Succulents

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees symbolise peace, calm and harmony, bringing a sense of chill to one’s feng shui. They’re also known to bring good luck. Building with LEGO bricks has proven to help mindfulness and relaxation, so if you have a friend who’s always on the go or has a stressful job, let them find their flow and escape for a while by building a LEGO bonsai tree.

LEGO Bonsai Tree

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise flower symbolises success, excellence and freedom, making it the perfect plant to give someone for graduation, a new job, a promotion or achieving something remarkable. Known for being a great indoor plant, the LEGO brick version is just as impactful and the biggest in the collection.

LEGO Bird of Paradise

Each set starts from $99 and can be purchased in-store or online from the LEGO website. Click here to learn more or to purchase directly from LEGO.