James Corner – International Garden Designer

Responsible for projects such as New York’s famous “Meadow in the Sky”, James Corner is a well known UK landscape designer who draws great interest worldwide.
“Meadow in the Sky” is a 6,000 square foot rooftop garden, located on top of a seventeen story apartment in Brooklyn. James’ brief was to fully utilise the prime ‘outdoor’ real estate – with panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, East River and Manhattan Skyline, leveraging these great assets was of utmost importance.
A communal space for residents to entertain and relax, James’ design centres on a series of “distinct rooms and environments oriented towards each of the unique focal points”. He set out to create a continuous horizon that reflects the expansive views and provides a shaded area for sitting, dining and entertaining.  A series of benches face south towards Brooklyn, a water feature guides views to the East River, and a large wooden deck frames views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. A dining area sits pride of place in the centre of the garden, surrounded by mixed perennials and grasses such as Yarrows, Calamint and Moor Grass, to create an intimate feel.
We think you’ll agree that James has created something quite spectacular – can’t imagine any of the tenants will be looking to move anytime soon…

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