Himalayan Bistort (Persicaria Affinis)

Himalayan Bistort (Persicaria Affinis) is an evergreen, creeping, herbaceous perennial that has dense, dark green, elliptic leaves with a waxy top side and paler undersides. It produces erect, cylindrical spikes of densely crowded, small pale pink flowers that turn to deeper reds over time. Flowering from midsummer through to autumn.
Popular in garden landscapes as a lush groundcover and as a low edging to paths and borders, they spread well without taking over. Growing on average to 25 cm tall by 60 cm wide, it keeps weeds down without become invasive. They can easily be divided in early spring and are drought tolerant once established
The Himalayan Bistort adds a real pop of colour to our Malvern project and is a plant that we chose to feature time and time again in our garden designs.