Harriet’s Hungry Worms

Harriet’s Hungry Worms is a must-read for all young eco-warriors! This funny, engaging eco story invites young readers to follow the adventures of Harriet’s ravenous compost worms as they munch their way through their wide and wonderful weekly menu. Packed with worm facts, Harriet’s Hungry Worms is the ideal companion for worm warriors and curious composters keen to roll their sleeves up and put their kitchen food scraps to good use.

Harriet's Hungry Worms book cover

The author, Samantha Smith lives in Melbourne with her three junior co-authors, an adopted cat, nine-hundred and ninety-seven compost worms and an impressive pumpkin vine that’s slowly taking over the backyard. As a lover of all things green, she completed doctoral research exploring young people’s relationship with the environment and how to encourage positive behaviour change. Harriet’s Hungry Worms is her first eco picture book, and she’s hoping it will inspire young worm warriors to roll up their sleeves and put their food scraps to good use.

Harriet's Hungry Worms book illustration

The incredible illustrator Melissa Johns is an artist, illustrator, an avid upcycler and closet poet. She produces artworks predominantly made of recycled materials that lend her work a uniquely whimsical quality. Melissa is passionate about her family, her artistic creations and stimulating young minds through art and literature.

Harriet's Hungry Worms book illustration

Harriet’s Hungry Worms will be available in stores on 2nd May 2023 but is available for pre-order now. Click here to get your copy.