Green Shades

Green Shades, created by Singular Green, a Spanish-based company, is the first system worldwide that allows the installation of vegetated awnings or tensile structures covered in vegetation. These elements open up a new range of urban landscaping and climate control possibilities in concealed spaces.

Green Shades, created by Singular Green

In cities where heat is a problem, Green Shades is an optimal solution for commercial streets, terraces, and squares. The spaces and projects created reduce the temperature both in their surroundings and under the cover. Thanks to the evapotranspiration produced by the vegetative system, the awnings act as vegetative air conditioners.

In addition, the composition and selected plant species are optimised for the absorption of NOX and CO2, contributing to improving air quality in cities. The lightweight and easy installation allows for placement in streets where trees or other types of vegetation cannot be installed due to lack of space or difficulty of intervention.

Green Shades, created by Singular Green

Benefits of vegetal awnings

Creation of original urban spaces with shade:
It generates shadows for the enjoyment of the public space without taking away space from the users.

Better use of urban spaces:
It allows the introduction of vegetation in urban areas where space is limited. In this way, deteriorated or difficult-to-use urban spaces are revitalised.

Reduction of environmental pollution:
1m² of vegetated surface generates the oxygen required by a person throughout the year and filters harmful gases, improving the air quality of the environments where it is installed. It absorbs NOX and CO2, improving air quality in the vegetation. It also reduces noise pollution through the absorption of waves by the substrate and the reflection of the foliage.

Temperature and humidity regulation:
The evapotranspiration process of the plants generates a decrease in the environment’s temperature and contributes to the regulation of humidity. The spaces and projects created reduce the temperature both in their surroundings and under the roof, acting as plant air conditioners.

To learn more about this innovative garden product, visit Singular Green’s website here.