Dierama pulcherrimum – Angel’s Fishing Rod

A striking feature in our Canterbury garden design, the Dierama pulcherrimum or Angel’s Fishing Rod, as it’s commonly referred to, is an elegant, evergreen perennial. Featuring long, gracefully arching stems with drooping bell shaped pink and white flowers, it blooms from spring to late summer. The blossoms open in sequence along the wiry stems as the season progresses. The Dierama pulcherrimum requires very little attention. It’s easily grown in full sun, in rich, well-drained soils; they can grow up to 150 cm tall and wide. As versatile as they are striking, they work well in garden beds, borders, banks and slopes. It’s particularly effective planted against a background of dark green shrubs or near a pond or pool where it can be reflected for double the pleasure.
Creating a stunning display when a breeze passes through, this plant is quite the attention seeker. Not only is it beautiful, it adds another layer of dimension to an otherwise static garden.
Dierama pulcherrimum featured by Ian Barker Gardens in Garden Notebook Edition 30