Acer ‘Norwegian Sunset’

Sheer beauty is just one of the many reasons the Acer ‘Norwegian Sunset’ was chosen as a feature tree at our Malvern project.

The Acer is an attractive medium-sized deciduous ornamental tree with a narrow upright form that develops into a broad domed tree when fully mature.

Beautifully foliaged, tough and well-formed, the tree has a particularly nice branch structure and a uniform canopy.

This straight-trunked hybrid has glossy dark green leaves that turn to a multitude of red shades in Autumn.

Ian Barker Gardens - Garden Notebook edition 4 - image of Acer courtesy of google

Image sourced from google

This Acer is a popular feature tree that is often used in parks, gardens and street planting. To give this tree every chance to succeed it is important to plant in full to part sun and well-drained moisture-retentive soil. It exhibits very good resistance to heat and generally performs well in tough sites. The Acer adapts to most soils, but prefers those that are slightly acidic. It also transplants relatively easily.

On average the ‘Norwegian Sunset’ grows to 10m tall and 7m wide.

Given its beauty, size and tolerance to most conditions, it is little wonder that we put the ‘Norwegian Sunset’ high up on our planting list!